Guest Speaker

Aurelia Figueroa - Global Director of Sustainability, BREITLING

October 27, 2023 - 12 PM EDT | 6PM CEST

TICK TALK is a series of live sessions featuring women (and occasionally men) in the horological world. TICK TALKS take place on alternate Fridays, live on Zoom.

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A New Take on an Old World

Can a modern consumer product, no matter how traditional its roots, be truly sustainable?

In an era where newer is always better, how can luxury reassociate itself with longevity?

In Tick Talk #9, we will explore disruptive and insightful views on sustainability in the world of fine watchmaking.

Tania Edwards

Guest Speaker

Tania Edwards has over 30 years’ experience in the watch industry, mostly with Patek Philippe. During her career at Patek she played a pivotal role in developing the global ad campaign, ‘You never actually own a Patek, you merely look after it for the next generation,’ which is still running 27 years later. In 2019, Tania co-founded Collectability with John Reardon, an endeavor specializing in buying and selling vintage Patek Philippe watches and in-depth content on all things Patek.

Elias Marte

Guest Speaker

Lifelong New Yorker. A man of many hats and a collector of all things that are fine. When it comes to watches Elias has a deep passion and appreciation for smaller vintage watches and non-round case shapes in gold. #TeamSmallWatch

Suzanne Wong


Editor-in-chief of WorldTempus, co-founder of Watch Femme and author, Suzanne Wong is passionate about seeing the watch world embrace greater diversity in all its aspects. Originally from Singapore and now based in Geneva, Suzanne's first horological love is independent avant-garde watchmaking, and her current watch crushes are too numerous to mention.


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Previous TICK TALK Episodes

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Aashna Sinha

In Tick Talk Episode #8, Aashna shared with us valuable insights on ways to transition between companies, departments or competencies, and handle difficult situations.

Women to Watch:

Catherine Eberle-Devaux

In Tick Talk Episode #7, Catherine shared with us the spirit behind the unconventional Salon Geneva Watch Days, the factors that make it so successful, and the exciting novelties that will be introduced in the upcoming edition.

Women to Watch: Tania Edwards

In Tick Talk Episode #6, Tania shared how she got into watches as a child and her first encounter with Patek Philippe. She also recounted beautiful stories about how a watch can be so much more than a time-telling object and generate emotions.

French Session | Session en Français: Amandine

Pour cet épisode #5 de Tick Talk, et première session en français, Amandine a partagé avec nous sa passion grandissante pour l'horlogerie, l'évolution de ses goûts et intérêts. Elle a également donné quelques pistes grâce auxquelles les marques pourraient mieux attirer l'attention et susciter la passion des jeunes générations.

Changing Gender Perception One Post at a Time: Brynn Wallner

In Tick Talk Episode #4, Brynn shared her story of discovering a love of watches and starting a website dedicated to fine watchmaking during the Covid-19 pandemic shutdown. She also recounted her recent experience curating the watches for a photoshoot that smashed conventional ideas about gender and who should be wearing what.

Gender Fluidity In Watches:

Wynne Nowland & Elias Marte

In Tick Talk Episode #3, Wynne shared her inspiring story coming out as a trans woman in her position as corporate CEO, and how she expresses and celebrates her transition through her choice of watches. Elias gave some insight on being a man who prefers and wears timepieces traditionally viewed as feminine (non-round, gold, small diameter).

Women to Watch:

Dr. Rebecca Struthers

In Tick Talk Episode #2, Rebecca talked, amongst many other topics, about her new book, Hands of Time, a journey through the ages as seen via the lens of horology, and dropped some truly fascinating facts and insights.

Women behind the brands:

Volcy Bloch, MD of Trilobe

In Tick Talk Episode #1, Volcy shared with us her background, inside and outside of the watch industry, the path that led her to her current MD position in a rising independent brand, as well as some of the wins and challenges she encountered along the way.